14 Must-See Homes That Are Completely Enveloped By Nature

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Human civilization has a habit of boxing us up in brick and cement. We seldom get to experience the refreshing feeling of living in nature without battling squadrons of mosquitoes or random bouts of poison ivy. Yet, there is so much beauty to behold beyond the confines of standard urban sprawl.

These home owners figured out how to get the best of human engineered comfort, and the loving embrace of Mother Earth all at once. Who can argue with the natural insulation and protection offered in a cliff side, or the beauty of living on the sea? If you want an idea of how to get more of the wild in your home, we got ya covered.

1. Wonder how long it took to hollow this thing out.

2. “I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll… Oh forget it.”

3. A twenty first century shire. I just hope the pond doesn’t flood.

4. Look, a miniature tree home! Smurfs, eat your hearts out.

5. Another fine example of in Earth insulated homes.

6. Yet another gnome home.

7. Watch your step…

8. The only thing missing is a high dive off the roof.


9. Weather out the winter wonderland in style.

10. Saves money on brick work.

11. What happens when hobbits and aliens fall in love?

12. Quite a pleasant looking place.

13. Sometimes your inner child just needs a tree house…

14. …or at least a tree hut with a bridge.

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