29 Home Photos Taken by Agents that Will Have You Asking, ‘Why,...

29 Home Photos Taken by Agents that Will Have You Asking, ‘Why, God?! Why?’


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    Ever get invited to someone’s home for the first time and end up seeing something that makes you just shake your head, or do a double take, or even run out the door screaming? Well, as a real estate agent, this happens on the regular. You end up viewing so many homes, you’re bound to run into things that boggle the mind.

    At the Lighter Side, we’ve received a number of photos (and stories) of strange things that agents have found online or came across. Check em out.

    PS… If you’ve taken or know of any photos you’d like published on the Lighter Side, please submit them here.

    I’ve heard of crappy roofing jobs before, but this is ridiculous!

    Photo sent in by: Meggs Hull

    Hillbilly version of a dirty movie?

    Photo sent in by: Angie Watts

    This happens when home builders have O.C.D.

    Photo sent in by: Karen M. Riscinto

    In case you needed any ideas for how to use this empty room.

    Photo sent in by: Kerry Redding

    Curbside appeal?

    Photo sent in by: Candace Larson

    Ho ho ho… no.

    Photo sent in by: Boris Teplitsky

    When pools meet greenhouses.

    Photo sent in by: Autumn Etheredge

    Soggy carpet must be soothing for rough feet.

    Photo sent in by: Breanne Johnson

    Just when I thought I’d considered every use for duct tape…

    Photo sent in by: Dawnita Griffin Neff

    Warning: Shrinks in the cold.

    Photo sent in by: Deborah Gillespie

    Move along, nothing creepy to see here.

    Photo sent in by: Argelia Morales

    This takes the 2 birds with one stone thing a little too far.

    Photo sent in by: Cory Huisman

    Some people are just desperate for extra security these days. Maybe the sock is unwashed.

    Photo sent in by: Malina Nunez

    And some have just given up. Maybe a burglar will want to buy the house after seeing it?

    Photo sent in by: John Reynolds

    It’s a fandelier!

    Photo sent in by: Lu Anne Baar / Caption by Amy Sarginson

    You had one job!

    Photo sent in by: Ryan Minges

    Investor who learned how to flip at a seminar?

    Photo sent in by: Jason Miller / Caption by Kyle Skaggs

    “Yeah, I can talk, just dropping some files off at the office.”

    Photo sent in by: Paul Holland / Caption by Gino Montalvo

    “We never tell our guests how cold the water is.” *evil laughter*

    Photo sent in by: Diana Cooke

    Not the most flattering way to show off your legs.

    Photo sent in by: Candace Larson

    Some things are best left in the attic.

    Photo sent in by: Andrew Jenkins

    Saving money on renovations was definitely the highest priority here.

    Photo sent in by: Ed Cordle

    Note to self: never hire a colorblind tile guy.

    Photo sent in by: Gidget Jans

    Sleepwalking has never been more dangerous.

    Photo sent in by: Jenn Chaimberlain

    Ultimate way to set kill the mood!

    Photo sent in by: Justin VanDevender

    The FSBO version of pink flamingoes?

    Photo sent in by: Randall Madison

    Wait, what if previous listing agents are in there??

    Photo sent in by: Robert Young / Caption by Robert Kaetzel

    Locked up and out of sight = peace of mind.

    Photo sent in by: Tara Olacz Branz

    Ronald McDonald’s dream bathroom?

    Photo sent in by: Misty Morris

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