19 Satisfying DIY Projects You Didn’t Know You Could Pull Off With...

19 Satisfying DIY Projects You Didn’t Know You Could Pull Off With Cinder Blocks


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If you want a cheap way to make sturdy, and classy improvements to your home, consider the meager cinder block. I know they look grey, and hard, and rough, and… grey. Still, the cinder block can be utilized to create some rather amazing and artistic DIY upgrades for your house and yard. Here are just a few examples of such genius at work.

1. There isn’t a season that you can’t create an amazing candle and ornament display.

Via The Horticult

2. Don’t want to pay for a charcoal grill? Here’s a smoking DIY for “kebabin it” over a $3.00 cinder block grill.

Via Little Kitchen that Could

3. Fill the blocks with rocks, and you can create an easy firepit for roasting something larger than kebabs.

Via Must add Fabric Softener

4. Need a wooden bench? Doesn’t get much easier than this.

Via Kayla’s Basement

5. Street planters made simple.

Via Safaffect

6. A firewood holder. That’s just brilliant.

Via Pinterest

7. Cinder blocks can double in gardens as protective borders, and planters for herbs.

Via Grow and Resist

8. Here’s a cheap and easy staircase fit for any uphill travel.

Via The Figure 5

9. With a little mortar and tile, you can create a raised garden bed, a water trough, or a more elaborate firepit.

Via Izzym

10. Cinder blocks are handy indoors too. Here’s a cheap and easy makeshift desk.

Via The Merry Thought

11. Even the entertainment center can use a little concrete TLC.

Via Maikonagao

12. Add storage space (or tunnels for your housecat) under the bed. Just be sure to have a thick and comfy mattress.

Via Hometalk

13. For those who have more books than shelving.

Via Mindful of Beauty

14. Cinder block shelving is perfect for the apocalypse enthusiasts who just need that extra preserves and canned goods space.

Via Home Shalom

15. Here’s a bird house that can weather any storm… or cat.

Via Momtastic

16. You can support nearly any heavy object with a cinder block foundation.

Via Virtually Amy

17. Are your pillows too colorful for cement grey? A little bright colored paint will fix that.

Via Hometalk

18. Here’s a method for a sweet customizable night stand.

Via NY Meta

19. Did you know cinder blocks come molded into more artistic forms? With a little searching, you can likely find a pattern to fit your artistic DIY.

Via The Design Pages