25 Stylish Indoor Dog Houses That Any Pooch Will Fall In Love...

25 Stylish Indoor Dog Houses That Any Pooch Will Fall In Love With


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There are some dogs that are just too awesome to sleep outside. The old Snoopy style dog houses just won’t do. Still, they deserve a place of their very own in the home. Here are some awesome indoor abodes for our canine compadres.

1. This is a deluxe doggy suite, complete with private sleeping chambers, rotating food and water bowls, and a shower!

Via Pinterest | DesignHouse – Debra Taylor

2. Side tables are awesome, inconspicuous sleeping spots for your house guardian.

Via Pinterest | Building Works Australia

3. Help your furry friend feel closer to the family at dinner time.

Via A Brighter Place

4. Color coordination is all the rage… despite partial color blindness.

Via Pinterest | Wayfair Homemakers

5. You can use negative space in walls to give your pooch a place to relax.

Via Houzz | Kimbeni

6. It’s a hound hutch!

Via Pinterest | Wayfair Homemakers

7. If your alarm doesn’t wake you up…

Via Pinterest | Patricia Piccolo

8. The space under a staircase is perfect, but what kind of dog does this family keep in theirs?! A mastiff?!

Via BuzzBuzzHome West

9. Here’s an idea if you have some extra kitchen counter space.

Via Pinterest | Vanessa Palumbo

10. Here’s a cute little wooden hideaway bed for the wee ones.

Via Pinterest | Laura Debolt

11. Hmm, maybe the rumbling white-noise of the dryer helps him sleep.

Via Pinterest | Michelle Coutts

12. This under-stairs dog house is perfect if your pooch likes having a view. (Those house rules are great)

Via Home My Design

13. This little nightstand bed is comfy inside and out.

Via Flickr | C

14. Or, if you have the room, gives each of your dogs their own crash space.

Via Pinterest | Barbara Bowers

15. Hidden dog beds can come in all shapes and sizes.

Via Pinterest | Nena Jones

16. And I do mean ALL shapes and sizes.

Via Pinterest | Hannah M.

17. Seriously, all of them.

Via Chilldeco.com

18. Here’s one for the literate pooches out there.

Via Pinterest | LaDonyce Hamilton

19. Steal a book from this library, I dare ya!

Via Pinterest | Elizabeth Black Smith

20. Here’s another example of using negative wall space.

Via Pinterest | Woman’s Day

21. Wow, that’s a lot of white.

Via Sawdust Girl

22. Or you can give your 4 legged friend their very own 4 paneled door, complete with human door handle? Hmm.

Via Pinterest | Andrea Gray

23. A perfect spot for catching crumbs and sniffing shoes.


Via Pinterest | Faith Williams

24. Here’s a great way to upcycle an old TV. “Look Ma, I’m a star!”

Via petlove

25. “Shaken, not stirred.”

Via Wayfair