This Secret, Cozy Cabin Sits Atop A New York Skyscraper — And Almost No One Knows About It!

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New York City is a steel and concrete jungle of constant activity. People go there to make it big in the world, and have an endless supply of stimulation. As wonderful as the opportunities are in such a place, there is very little breathing room that a country cabin can offer. How does one find a sense of deeper peace and balance among the hustle and bustle of the “go get’em” lifestyle that NYC represents?

David Puchkoff and Eileen Stukane asked that question, and came up with something genius. They connected with a “green roof specialist,” Ed Snodgrass, and created a country home right in the middle of the city. The most impressive part? It sits on the top of a skyscraper!

Most New Yorkers and tourists passing by this building would never dream that it contains a country paradise on top.

Via George Steinmetz

Once you get a higher perspective, your mind may be blown!

Via George Steinmetz

This place has everything a country home setting could need. There’s a porch for rocking chairs (granted, New Yorkers don’t seem to need that), a complete front yard, a stone walkway, and even a lounging area surrounded by small trees!

Via George Steinmetz

Add the fact that they get regular visitation by bees and various country birds, and their little oasis is something to truly admire. I look forward to seeing these pop up all over the world!

Via John Lei | New York Times

Check out this video for a more in depth look. Could the future of real estate eventually include rooftop cottages?