10 Hard-Learned Lessons They Don’t Teach In Real Estate School

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Ok, so maybe they try to teach some of this stuff…

… but no matter how well you absorb what they teach in real estate school, there will always be lessons that can only be learned ‘in the trenches’.

Knowing this, we recently reached out to our audience of real estate pros with one simple question: What’s the toughest, most valuable lesson you’ve had to learn the hard way?

As usual, our audience did not disappoint.

So sit back and read these hard-learned (and valuable!) lessons that simply can’t be fully absorbed in real estate school.

1. Don’t be afraid to fire clients. Janet Jarvis

She also adds, “…and don’t be disappointed if clients fire you. Make sure you do the right thing. If you do, the right thing will show up. You cannot redeem the time. If you’re working with shoppers rather than buyers, or if you find that your clients are operating with a certain less than ethical standard, you are wasting your time. Be constantly vigilant about where you invest your time, resources, and efforts.”

2. Definitely do not spend the money (even in your head) until the settlement happens! Kelly Epps Normand

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Nothing’s final until you hear those three glorious words, “funded and recorded”.

3. Learn when to say no to a listing. Amy Groves


This is definitely an acquired skill.


4. Get EVERYTHING in writing. Carol Shaw

Yes, even the seemingly inconsequential things. And yes, even if doing so seems like a big pain in the butt.

5. Get an accountant right after you get your license. Jessica Thomas


You’ll thank yourself come tax time.

6. Don’t tell sellers an offer is coming in unless you have received it! Danielle Myre Jolicoeur


Gotta contain that excitement!

7. Don’t give into sellers who want you to CUT your COMMISSION! Terri Zinke Brady

She also adds, “They will keep coming back asking for more & more and are never satisfied! Plus it undercuts our industry and hurts all agents as a whole!”

8. Do not answer or return calls of clients that continue to call late evenings and nights! Korey Brewer


Or else you’ll start loathing your phone real quick.

9. Make time for family and yourself. Even if it means putting it down as an “appointment “. Alicia Martinez Gibson

Yes, even if you’re super busy.

10. Make it about people not about the MONEY!!! Valerie Ratcliffe Young

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We couldn’t agree more. Nothing comes close to the high you feel after making someone’s dream come true.