12 Common & Comical #OpenHouseProblems

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Who doesn’t love an open house? Sometimes, the answer to that question, it turns out, is the Realtor® hosting it.

Not that the idea of pairing someone with his or her dream home isn’t thrilling, but there are plenty of moving parts agents need to put in place before presenting a home to the public.

From signs and balloons to snacks and pets, the struggle is real. So real, in fact, that there’s a hashtag to lament these common #openhouseproblems. Check out this list and see if you’ve experienced any yourself.

1. Shoe switcheroo

This photo definitely makes a case for wearing uncommon footwear. Though it may seem a tad unprofessional, it could be time to bust out your old Chuck Taylors or Birkenstocks!

2. Toilet troubles

Drank to much liquid…now what?!?!? #openhouseproblems #realtorlife #thestruggleisreal #maybetimetomeettheneighbors

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It’s important to stay hydrated, but not having access to a usable toilet makes for a long and uncomfortable afternoon.

3. Furry nemesis

Something tells us kitty just isn’t in the mood to receive guests today! Dealing with pets — especially those with strong personalities — is one of the challenges of the job. Maybe once that doorbell starts ringing Grumpy Cat will release his hold on the iPad.

4. The cost of decorating

Balloons help buyers locate an open house but they sure are a pain to transport. This agent isn’t the only one dealing with the hazards of helium! Corralling these free-floating orbs is no picnic as you’re about to see.

5. Bad snack choice

In a business where scents really matter, taking a hard boiled egg isn’t the best idea. If you ever needed an excuse to eat an apple pie or cinnamon roll for lunch, here’s your justification.

6. Creepy baby

All the creepy. #openhouseproblems

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While this doll is only slightly less freaky than Chuckie, at least this little lady isn’t crying or fussing, right? Perhaps someone suggested staging this room as a nursery? An odd move for sure, but for some Realtors® nothing is shocking.

7. #FOMO

The only thing worse than being stuck inside on a beautiful day — all by yourself — is the ability to hear other people having a blast outdoors. Kind of takes you right back to your childhood days of being grounded, doesn’t it?

8. Drive safely

What could possibly go wrong!? #OpenHouseProblems

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More balloon-related problems! Let’s hope this guy doesn’t have too far to travel ‘cause he can’t see a thing behind him.

9. Stay put!

so thats where my balloons went 15 min after i tied them outside my open house!!

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And after going to all that trouble to get those #@!% balloons to their final destination, they have the nerve to up and fly away! What’s a Realtor® to do?

10. Well-heeled … but maybe not well-suited for the task

Sure, these heels are stylish but they’re definitely not what you want to be wearing as you set up and take down open house signs — especially when the ground is soft.

11. The temptation to binge-eat

Letting cookies go to waste feels like a sin, so when no one else is indulging agents are often compelled to try a treat or two. (Or more…) Plus, nothing helps pass the time like a tasty snack.

12. Hit and run

Setting up those signs (and keeping them up!) can prove more challenging than one might think.