14 Moments When Being a Real Estate Agent Is Like Starring in a Horror Movie

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Life as an agent is never dull. Sometimes it’s downright thrilling! And we’re not just talking about those moments when you help clients find their dream homes, or get a listing sold with multiple offers in two days…

…sometimes it’s more like being the lead in a spine-tingling horror movie.

Here’s 14 things that make real estate agents want to scream and scram!

1. Dealing with homeowners who want to be there for every showing

2. Getting to a showing to find the “friendly” dog is more like Cujo

3. Venturing down into dark, unfinished basements

4. Dealing with people who bring their children to an open house

5. Receiving a low-ball offer that makes your head spin

6. Meeting neighbors who are an absolute “nightmare”

7. Home inspections revealing unexpected plumbing issues

8. Overcoming serious lack of curb appeal

9. Convincing homeowners to tidy up the backyard

10. Addressing pest issues

11. Taking tough phone calls at all hours of the day and night


12. Having a hot prospect who suddenly disappears

13. Working with clients who have unusual taste

14. Having a friend pick your brain for information…only to hire another agent