14 Pics That Prove A Day In The Life Of A Realtor Is Never Dull

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When you’re constantly in and out of people’s homes as part of your profession you see some pretty unusual things. Thankfully, many Realtors® take a moment out of their already-busy days to snap a photo documenting the unique happenings that occur while on the job.

Agents shared pictures that truly capture #adayinthelifeofarealtor on Instragram and the images will give you a new appreciation for this often-harrowing occupation.

1. The beginnings of an outhouse?

Yikes! We don’t know a single home-stager who’d allow this to happen! While it’s certainly not aesthetically pleasing, this new take on the port-o-potty sparked these words of wisdom from the agent, who used this clever and appropriate hashtag: #IfYouCanSmellItYouCannotSellIt.

2. Emu included

We’ve heard of homeowners attempting to sell chandeliers or maybe even window treatments with the house, but never an emu! Is it just us or does he look slightly offended by the low asking price?

3. Killer curb appeal

Might have to work on the curb appeal of this one! #foreclosures #adayinthelifeofarealtor

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This agent has his work cut out for him. If it’s not too late, he may want to consider enlisting the help of an HGTV-style team of experts because it’s going to take a lot to get this one open-house ready. Good luck, sir!

4. Time for a pedicure

You’ve got to feel for this Realtor®. She probably removed her shoes to keep the floors in pristine condition only to find that Fido had other plans. Hey, it could’ve been worse, if you know what we mean…

5. An alternative to cookies

When you’re selling your home, you want it to stand out in the minds of buyers. Clearly, to these sellers, sausages make a place unforgettable — hopefully in the best possible way.

6. Nice work if you can get it

See! It’s not all backyard toilets and dog peepee. Sometimes the day takes you to a stunning oasis where you wish you were the buyer. Who could resist a siesta in that gorgeous she-shed?

7. Mistaken for the cleaning lady

As a real estate agent you wear a lot of hats, but cleaning lady is a job you really only do if you absolutely have to, right?

8. Vintage finds

Who needs a time machine when you’ve got this wallpaper? It takes you right back to the last century. While we’ve heard that wallpaper is making a decor comeback, we don’t know if this is ever in style.

It still works! #nexthome #vintage #adayinthelifeofarealtor

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Talk about your interesting built-ins! Would a millennial homebuyer even know what this is?

9. Never a dull moment

It sounds like someone has had a change of heart. Whenever you have to get the police involved, it’s fair to say you’ve had a rough day.

10. The old lockbox gag

“One of these things is not like the others…” Oh, wait, they’re actually all alike! Take a deep breath and count back from 10.

11. Getting it done

Even home inspectors know there’s nothing agents won’t do for their clients!

12. When the process stalls

#RealEstateHumor #adayinthelifeofarealtor #realestate #openhouse

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It’s important to keep a sense of humor — and if you can do it after 62 showing, kudos to you!

13. Going above and beyond

Rather than lose a potential sale for her client, this Realtor® transformed into a dog walker and saved the day. The pooch looks pretty grateful too!

14. Toilets are once again a source of trouble

#adayinthelifeofarealtor #leavingalastingimpression #neversaynever

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Yeesh! This had to be beyond uncomfortable for all parties. Whatever happens next, it might be wise for this agent to give the client a plunger as a housewarming gift.