18 Pieces Of Pet Furniture Nicer Than Your Actual Furniture

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Something special happens when you get your pet their own special furniture. Doesn’t matter if it’s a sleeping area, or just a way to help them access more of your domain. For a dog, it’s a sign of being someone special in the pack. You have deemed them worthy of their own very special part of the home. For cats… of course you should get them their own furniture! How could a lowly human think any different?

Whether you have a faithful companion, or a regal four-legged master, there’s something here to help make your bond with them extra special.

1. Kitten must be able to strike from any possible direction. This sofa, designed by Seungji Mun accomplishes just such a purpose.

2. Do you enjoy relaxing in a rocking chair after work? Now your faithful companion can join in.

3. Why have separate spaces for dog beds and nightstands? Now you can have both in one.

4. If you have that pup who likes to beg when you are fixing meals, this can help them feel more like a part of the action.


5. Indoor cats don’t usually have trees to climb. With all of that energy, and the need for lofty places to lounge, one needs ways to keep them satisfied.

6. And if your kitties prefer more advanced acrobatics, you can try something like this.

7. For the expert circus cats, there’s only one way to go. All out!

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8. It’s a lot of work, but once you see this for the first time, it will have been worth it.

9. Tired of your houseplants getting chewed up? How about giving your feline friend their very own dining table, complete with greens?

10. Image Caption: Toru Hirose, of Japan, created this amazing place for his basset hound. It has a hidden snack area, bed, and potty space.

11. Regardless of who needs a sleeping space, there are ways to make it stylish, and visually appealing. This bed even adds a little extra oxygen to your home with some help from your animal friends.

12. Here are some feline access ways built by Bob Walker, and Frances Mooney.

13. Home builder Peter Cohen, of Goleta, California, spent $50,000 on his cat oriented renovations. You can see more of this amazing, kitty home makeover here.

14. If you have indoor cats that still need to get outside, here is an excellent way to make that happen. This looks similar to the “Catios” we cover in this article.

15. Who says cats are the only ones that want to get around? If your fish are feeling cooped up, you can expand their involvement in your home life too!

16. Do you have a regal dog? Here’s a home that lets them lounge in the lofty place they deserve.

17. And if that just isn’t doing them justice, you can always build them a castle.

18. When it comes down to recreation in the heat, what better way to show your love then getting your pooch their very own swimming pool?