24 Super Creative Jack-O’-Lantern Ideas You Should Try This Halloween

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It’s that time again. Soon, the cutest ghouls and goblins will be prancing from door to door asking for tricks or treats. Here’s some inspiration to make your carvings stand out from the rest!

1. This image is based on Jack from “The Nightmare before Christmas.”

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2. For the little ghouls who like to rock out.

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3. This one would be perfect with a recording of “I am Groot!” playing in the darkness.

My first attempt at a good pumpkin carving!

4. What kid doesn’t love this hedgehog?

Sonic and Tails Jack-O-Lantern Final


5. Maybe add a sign: “Warning – this pumpkin will eat all your treats!”

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6. Here’s one for the Trekkie parents.

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7. Teenage Mutant Ninja Pumpkins.

The mouth/gap tooth didn't turn out quite as well as I'd hoped, but I'm happy with it for being a self made pattern.

8. Transformers can literally transform out of anything…

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9. Give this one a saxophone!

Took me a few hours to do, but I was so pleased with the way it turned out. sorry for the poor quality. Normally I carve from patterns, but this year I made my own pattern from an image I found online.

10. Hobbes wants out!

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11. This is what Jack-O’-Lanterns look like in Hawaii.

From Maui.

12. Now that’s creative.

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13. Carve this if you don’t want parents letting their kids ask for candy from you.

My friend carves awesome pumpkins every year. This was last years.

14. Beware: hungry pumpkins.

My pumpkin carving this year.

15. Here’s what they carve in Texas.

Forgot to submit the album to the gallery on my actual cake day. -.- I can be a little absentminded. For my cakeday, I wanted to post pictures of the pumpkin I carved last Halloween :D

16. “I see children ambling up to my castle! Eeeeexxxxxcellent. I believe I’ll choose… TRICK!”

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17. Wow! Hats off to you if you can carve Van Gogh’s Starry Night into a pumpkin!

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18. Not all Jack-O’-Lanterns need to be scary. Here’s one that’s rather lovely.

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19. I’m guessing the house this pumpkin decorates specializes in gold covered chocolate coins.

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20. Ever get that strange feeling when you suspect a treat might actually be a trick?

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21. No kid would forget seeing this one.

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22. This minion is not amused. Bonus points for carving the entire pumpkin!

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23. Come to the dark side. We have candy!

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24. In case you carved crooked teeth into your pumpkin… problem solved.

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