7 Signs You’re Overworked And Need A Break From Real Estate

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The US real estate market from coast to coast is on fire! As you know, houses are selling as soon as they list. With low rates, home prices on the rise and credit guidelines loosening, we are seeing a boom.

With every boom comes hard work. We have to make decisions on what to miss due to work. Most of us have survived a drought before and are looking to make the most of this current flood.

When you get caught in a flood though, you tend to lose track of everything but the flooding. What I’m saying here, is that you may need to take a break for a minute. Not too long of one though, like 3-7 days. Then it’s back to work!

I’ve put together a list of seven signs that you need seven days off. For each of these offenses, give yourself a day of vacation. If you nail all seven, take two weeks off!

#1 You grab your supra key when you get to your own house.

Ever pull up the the front of your house and look for the lock box to get in only to realize you’re home and there is no lock box?

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#2 When friends come over to your house you feel compelled to give them a tour.

Are you so used to showing properties that when friends show up you go into open house mode?

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#3 You’ve got to move all your papers off the seat when someone wants to ride with you.

Have you turned the inside of your car into a recycling bin full of RE flyers and papers?

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#4 You answer every phone call with, “Hello, what property address are you calling in for?”

Are you so in the zone right now that you answer every call as if it’s a sign call?

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#5 Your car is full of open house signs and balloons.

Do your seats and trunk look like you have a side job doubling as a clown at kid parties?

#6 Your BFF is a title person.

Do you find yourself going to lunch with your title rep more than anyone else?

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#7 If you talk to your loan officer more than you talk to your significant other.

Are you constantly on the phone with your LO about closing dates and inspections/appraisals?

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Out of these 7 signs, add your score up and take days off accordingly. If you got a 7 you need a break for sure. Take a few days to enjoy the fruits of your labor, which is the reason we do this job.

Share this with the busiest, most stressed out agent you know… and then go on vacation together!