If This Isn’t The Best Metaphor For Selling Your Home Yourself, I Don’t Know What Is

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Via Makenna Kroge

Ever wanted something so badly that you felt like EXPLODING off the starting block to get it? Some home sellers, as well-intentioned as they may be, are the same way.

Although they may have their eye firmly fixed on the prize (getting their home sold), many don’t foresee the potential pitfalls that lie ahead. Still, that doesn’t deter some who vow to save a buck by doing it all themselves.

There’s a lot of moving parts when selling your home (from the marketing, to the inspections, to the negotiations), which is why many end up fumbling, stumbling and costing themselves in the long run…

… in both in dollars and in dignity.

Selling your home yourself is no cakesprint… err, cakewalk. So if your want to sell your home for the highest dollar amount, and in the shortest amount of time, hire a real estate pro.