13 Cool Shower Designs For Your Dream Home

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Just when you thought you’ve seen every possible way a human can clean themselves, we discover something new. From shower heads that can be arranged to hit you from all angles at once to machines that automatically lotion you up after bathing, there’s something here for nearly anyone’s imagination and/or wallet size. Of course there are also a few of these that are just for scratching your head and asking, “Why?”

1. Set your inner mermaid free with an aquarium shower, the Plano Acquario by Cesena.

If you aren’t feeling fishy, you can put a bookshelf or TV in the aquarium slot instead.

2. You know how your hand feels water temperature differently than other more delicate body parts do?

One moment it feels fine to the touch, so you jump in and scream something like, “Too hot! Too cold!” until you finally get the temperature just right? Well, this LED light changes color to let you know what temperature range the water is in. Finally, no more dancing in the shower unless you want to!

3. You can either lounge in, or have a sweet shower party with an LED shower ceiling.
Ambiance is everything.


4. This shower has 18 jets of water, with one located on the bottom that would make a humpback whale proud.

How much does it cost to potentially batter your tender bits into cleanliness? Only $100,000 (think I’ll stick with a scrub brush). Fortunately, there are temperature and water pressure settings that ensure spending that much money won’t leave you raw each time you want to clean up. I guess if you are a busy CEO that needs to save time in the mornings, this is the way to do it.

5. The Viteo Garden Shower was designed for quick, outdoor cleansing.

It is a pressure activated plate that envelops you in a 2-4 meter cone of water, from underneath. An awesome way to clean up after a dip in the pool or day at the beach, if you don’t mind the $930 price tag.

6. Here’s something practical. The French company, Supiot, created this folding shower for those who have limited space in their homes.

7. This shower head, which looks something like a water spitting version of Medusa, is made by the UK Bathroom manufacturing company, Vado. This is an easy way to customize your cleaning angles.

8. This rotating shower/bath was created by designer Ron Arad, with the Italian manufacturer, Teuco.

Doesn’t necessarily look comfortable or space efficient, but is a great way to say, “Look at me! I’m different!”

9. This is a cool idea for a cocoon shower that creates a balance between modern comfort, and the appeal of natural symmetry.

If you want to feel like you emerge from the shower as a “whole new you,” this will do the trick.

10. This tiny black bag holds up to 10 liters of water, just enough for a 7 minute shower.

Even better, it absorbs sunlight to heat the water. This “Pocket Shower” is perfect for any outdoor activities, especially festivals and camping. You can buy one here.

11. These shower tiles change color depending on the temperature differences. Better be prepared for your house guests taking extra long showers just to see what patterns they can make.

Of course, you’ll have to save up to build something this impressive. The tiles are about $300 per square foot.

12. The “Santelubian 999” is basically a human washing machine for those with enough money to be this lazy and pampered.

It gets every crevice of your body, steams you up with infrared lighting, and uses sound and aromatherapy to make the experience that much more relaxing… Okay, I kind of want to try it out now. Wait. It wraps you in seaweed and body lotion at the end? How exactly does this machine do this?

Unfortunately, when we went to Avant’s main company page, it was unavailable. Probably because so few could afford the machine, or the hired help for getting in and out of it. Too bad. We were kind of looking forward to knowing what a seaweed spring roll feels like.

13. If you want to get super clean, but can’t find or afford the super bathing machines, just copy nature and install a waterfall in your bathroom.