9 Gifts Realtors Actually Want This Holiday Season

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Realtors® do so much for other people all year long, when the holiday season rolls around they deserve something special. Unlike other people on your list, real estate agents are delightfully easy to shop for. Because their lives are jam-packed, anything that can make their days a bit more pleasant and less complicated is bound to be a hit. Let’s take a look at a few perfect presents for the home buying and selling expert on your list.

1. Coffee


Whether you opt for sampler packs, subscriptions that deliver those magic beans right to the door, or gift cards for java junkies on the go, coffee is bound to be a hit with the agent on your list. Let’s face it: As long as it’s caffeinated, they’ll love it.

2. An electric corkscrew


Not all corkscrews are created equal! There’s nothing more frustrating than wrestling with a bottle at the end of a long day or when you’re ready to celebrate a sale. Having the perfect opener is the gift that keeps on giving. While you’re at it, why not throw in a bottle (or case, if you’re feeling extra generous) of wine as well?

3. Massage gift certificate


Dealing with clients, open houses, inspections, and closings can take a toll on a person. A massage will melt away a lot of stress and tension. Treat them to an hour of utter tranquility.

4. State-of-the-art headset


No one appreciates the convenience of hands-free walking and talking quite like a Realtor®. These multi-tasking pros typically have plenty of balls in the air so eliminating the need to juggle a phone is a blessing. It’s like giving the gift of another arm — and who couldn’t use another arm?


5. Car wash gift certificates


Quite often Realtors® feel as if they spend their lives in their cars. Why not make that mobile office as clean and comfortable as possible? Car wash gift certificates are perfect for the agent who savors the satisfaction of a good wash and wax. (And let’s not forget the bliss that follows an interior dusting and vacuuming.) Throw in one of those new-car-smell fragrance trees and watch your recipient swoon!

6. Voice-recorder pen


Clients often talk faster than it’s humanly possible to write or type. That’s where a handy voice-recording pen becomes the on-the-go assistant the agent in your life has been craving. It also serves as a great way to take notes while touring homes. Many also function as USB flash drives and MP3 players. (For anyone who’s ever had a client who’s said one thing and then done the complete opposite, having their words on tape eliminates those “Wait, am I going crazy?” moments. And what a gift that is!)

7. Quick getaway


Everyone needs a chance to take a break and get away from it all, even if it’s just for a night. A one-day (or longer) stay at a resort or bed-and-breakfast allows your favorite agent to rest, restore, and recharge.

8. Car-to-office desk


Say goodbye to using your steering wheel and passenger seat as a desk! If you’re going to work in your car, why not do it in style? An easy-to-install tray allows agents to pull out that laptop or contract and carry on like a true professional.

9. Referrals


There’s really no greater gift a Realtor® can receive than a referral. Not only is this a huge compliment on a job well done but it can also lead to additional referrals down the line, making it another gift with the potential to keep on giving.