Home Buyers And Sellers: Listen To This Realtor’s PSA On How To Keep Your Agent Sane (And Sober)

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Phoenix Realtor Kristin LaVanway had something on her mind, so she created a public service announcement and uploaded it to Youtube in December, 2013. Although the video is a bit dated, her message is timeless.

According to her, “The Phoenix real estate market has been brutal the last few years, especially for buyers and we real estate agents feel your pain. So we drink! But things are looking up for buyers these days, so it’s time to cut back on the sauce. Here are 5 tips for you buyers and sellers out there who are looking to raise the sobriety level among Phoenix real estate agents.”

Listen to the her hilarious honesty as she enjoys a cocktail in the video below.

5 Ways to Keep You Real Estate Agent Sober – Seller Edition

  1. Punctual paperwork
  2. Prioritizing property prep
  3. Attaining access
  4. Practical pricing
  5. That urgency thing
Via: Kristin LaVanway

But wait, she’s not done. Here’s her advice for buyers…

Caption for Buyers

  1. Loving the right lender
  2. Get off the Google
  3. The perfect house pipe dream
  4. Ditch the deal dance
  5. Listening to the experts
Via: Kristin LaVanway