28 Next-Level Bedroom Accessories For The Lazy Person In Us All

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Many of us live in a fast paced world of productivity and entertainment. As a result, our “down time” is very important to us. When you only take a day (hopefully two) out of your week to rest, getting the most out of your down time is key. Here are some accessories designed to help reduce how much effort you spend in the bedroom.

1. As if propping your head up and reading in bed wasn’t enough. Now these glasses will make it that much easier to read yourself to sleep.

2. Is it possible to fuse sports activities with laziness? Here’s a basketball goal that says “yes.”

3. This bed fan will help keep the temperature just right under the covers.

4. SipSnap cups are perfect for nursing that favorite bedtime beverage until slumber takes hold.


5. Just when you thought remote controls couldn’t get any lazier.

6. Bedphones let you listen to your dreamtime lullaby with complete comfort.

7. This pillow actually prompts you to adjust when you snore. This may single-handedly reduce breakups by at least 20%.

8. Here’s something to help you hold that book open with one hand more easily. After all, you’ll probably have a SipSnap in the other.

9. This alarm clock actually brews coffee to wake you up. This may be the first alarm clock ever that I’d be excited to wake up to. (available for purchase soon)

10. Here’s a snuggly pillow to rule them all.

11. In case you need to write your dreams down before you forget, this pillow is all you need.

12. Keep those midnight snacks close at hand with this stylish nightstand refrigerator.

13. Introducing a heated teddy bear that children may have to hide from their parents.

14. Why leave your bed to charge your electronics?

15. Sometimes you just need to tune everything out when you sleep.

16. For some people, mountain imagery lets them relax. For others, it’s skyscrapers reaching to the clouds.

17. This pillow absorbs sound and light before it can reach your delicate sleep zone. Here’s hoping you don’t rely on an alarm clock.

18. Now you can play rainstorm soundtracks through your entire pillow.

19. Real princesses do their nails without leaving their beds.

20. I’m not sure if this would help me relax, or make me too hungry to sleep.

21. Seriously, a massage chair with a cup holder… for your bed? How much more could you pamper yourself?

22. Now you can change your bedroom lighting with this remote.

23. Here’s a nightlight glass of milk even the lactose intolerant can appreciate.

24. Once again, this apple pie blanket would probably make me too hungry to sleep.

25. Here’s a perfect combo of a night light and book rest.

26. Because walking those few extra steps to get to the trash can is just too much work on a leisure day.

27. Sometimes you want to appreciate the beauty of space without going out in the cold.

28. Here’s a creative laptop stand that can pretty much handle any position.