What They Did To Their ‘Plain Jane’ Dining Room Will Have You Planning A Trip To Home Depot

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Dining together is the oldest form of community bonding and entertainment. Meal time among family and friends is a special time that is made better by not only the food and drink, but the ambiance and comfort as well.

Imgur member, MidnightXII’s family loves to entertain their guests. They decided to raise the bar of dinner gatherings at their home, and you’ll dig what they did. The best part? After reading this, you’ll be able to do it yourself!

Their hand-me-down table and chairs just didn’t stir their spirits much. Too cramped. Too ordinary. Too limited.

Another shot. Pretty bland.

First they had to clear everything away and see what room they had to work with. Of course, the dog helped inspect and make sure everything was in order.

The measurements were 9’ by 6.5.’ They then pulled out all of the quarter round at the floor.

Started by pulling out all of the quarter round at the floor. More dog.

Wooden supports were attached to the studs, with the seat supports being roughly 20” apart.

The booth was built in three sections. We started with the longest wall, and attached a support at the studs. Looks a little wonky because the floor is not totally level, since it's an older house.

Next, vertical and bottom supports were added to stop any flexing of the seat.

Added the vertical supports and horizontal support at the floor to stop any backward flexing of the booth.

For the other two sides, no studs were available to attach a support beam. So, they just built square supports instead.

Another view of all of the supports.


The seats are made of ½” plywood. Hinges could have been added to create storage space, but they decided they didn’t need it.

Plywood all laid out.

Padding was created with 2” seat foam covered in outdoor fabric using staples. The foam turned out to be the most expensive part of the project. Who knew foam was so expensive?

We put in a lot more staples than were probably necessary.

Bead board was used for the sidings.

Once the seats were ready and in place, We started cutting bead board for the facing.

A new AC vent was cut into the appropriate bead board. The vent was extended with piping and a great deal of duct tape.

Cut out a hole for the AC vent. Not the best, but it works. The vent will cover it up.

The trim was put up with nails and caulk.

Facing in place and trim going on. Got to use the electric nailer, which was awesome.

Two coats of white paint were used for the finish.

After caulking, the whole thing was painted white.

A custom table was measured and built to fit perfectly.

A better shot of the table.

After the final touches, this comfy and stylish dining area can now fit 12 people — or 15 if using end chairs. Bravo!

And the whole space after decorating (courtesy of my wife). All told, we can fit 12 comfortably, 15 if we squeeze, plus chairs at the end of the table.