19 Super Creative Bedroom Designs For You To Dream About Tonight

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It’s true, bedrooms are for sleeping, but the ambiance a bedroom has before the lights are turned off is very important. Appropriate decor can help you relax, dream better, and perhaps set the mood for more… aerobic activities. Here are some examples of bedrooms that have been given that extra level of creativity.

1. Taking space management to a whole new level, this elevated bedroom has enough room under it to stand.

You access it from an elevated walkway, ultimately leaving much more space for living than if it was a grounded room. Lofty dreams to ya.

2. This island bedroom is an interesting combination of sleep space and swimming pool.

3. Because some people need their batcave on those dark nights.

4. Berlin’s Propeller Island City Lodge has 30 specially themed bedrooms.

For instance, this is a brightly painted medieval town themed bedroom with a super mini golf course surrounding the bed.


5. Speaking of swimming pools and bedrooms, how about waking up in the morning and jumping straight from your mattress to a water slide? Better than a cup of coffee.

6. Set your circadian rhythm with a full view of sunrise and sunset. Having a lovely view of the night sky doesn’t hurt either.

7. Tokyo’s Point Architects designed this combination of bed shelter and bookshelf to surround children with knowledge and imagination, quite literally.

8. Two Brazilian brothers, Tiago and Gabriel Primo share their love of art and adventure thoroughly. For four months of the year of 2009 they lived 33 feet above a busy street, like this!

That’s right folks. They climbed from bed to couch, and everything else they needed, excepting the bathroom which was in the neighboring art gallery. This takes artist excentricity to a whole new level.

9. Do your dreams seek for the far reaches of imagination? Might as well have a bedroom built to take you there.

10. I can’t tell if this is a child’s bedroom, or something that belongs in a Stephen King movie. Definitely unique…

11. The Japanese company Atelier OPA designed this portable room setup known as Kenchikukagu, for maneuverable urban living. The company even makes work stations and kitchens.

12. Who says black can’t be comfortable and appealing?

13. Who doesn’t want their little girl to feel like a princess?

Maybe you can’t work the magic of a fairy godmother, but you can commission the children’s furniture company Posh Tots to do it for you. The bed alone is $47,000. By the time you pay for this room, you might be the one needing a fairy godmother.

14. Finally, there’s an enjoyable way to “sleep with the fishes.”

The Nautilus Undersea Suite at the Poseidon Resort, Fiji gives you the experience of living 40 feet under the crystal blue ocean. This is perfect for sweet dreams of dolphins and mermaids, or perhaps the occasional Jaws nightmare.

15. If you need something a little more personal and safe feeling, you can just sleep with an aquarium above your head.

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16. The Fox Hotel in Copenhagen decided to create 61 rooms with completely different art themes.

They commissioned 21 artists to taylor these rooms to appeal to (and perhaps test the psyche of) nearly any patron. There is a Japanese Manga themed room, a room that feel like you are camping on a cartoon mountain trail, and then a room where the boogie man demands you give in to sleep. Whether you actually sleep in these rooms or not, visiting them should be quite an experience.

17. This kaleidoscope like room of mirrors is also found in the Propeller Island City Lodge of Berlin.

While finding the bed in this diamond shaped room may prove a unique adventure, I’m thinking the plethora of mirrors makes this a prime honeymoon suite. What? Just me?

18. Here’s another gorgeous pool bedroom with a dreamy aqua colored ocean theme.

19. Last but not least, here’s one of the most creative transformations of a basement into a kid’s room around.

Complete with garden theme and all sorts of cubbies and storage spaces for toys and such.