This Homeowner Took A Boring Wall And Made It Into The Most Awesome Part Of The House

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Do It Yourself people are in a category all of their own. The look at what’s in front of them and always want to improve upon it. To this sect of society “it could always be better” is their mantra. These homeowners didn’t have a space for a fireplace. Did that stop them? NO. They had a hammer and a will to change things.

Once they figured out the dimensions of their new heat source…everything in-between the boards was sacrificed to the fireplace gods.

No, this isn’t the beginnings of a giant headboard for their bed; it’s a fireplace frame!

No this isn’t a small, long TV stuck on the fireplace channel. This IS an electronic fireplace that will warm the cockles of this family’s heart.

You can’t JUST hang a fireplace, you’ve got to give it a cover. Just make sure you cut a hole out for the fireplace…

This is going to be an epic mantle for this fireplace.

With the gypsum board hung, it’s time to get rockin’ with some masonry work.

With the masonry work out of the way, this DIY family makes this space look like it always had a fireplace planned for it. But yet, something is missing…

That’s it!! We paint the floor (see, even the floor wasn’t good enough.)

This is what Christmas time around the fireplace looks like for the family that always outdoes itself. (I bet next year’s tree will be epic…and motorized…)

Sure, maybe it’s not wood-burning, but who really wants the burden of hauling in wood every few days? Bravo!