Even If You Can Guess What This Patio Turns Into, The Way It Transforms Is Still Crazy Cool

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Agor Engineering is an Israeli company, specializing in the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of movable swimming pool floors and a range of custom-designed, “creative engineering” solutions for private homes, public facilities and industrial spaces. They are basically Santa Claus to anyone with cash to blow, and fancy pools to buy. While I have neither, they have come up with a wooden patio that turns into a swimming pool, and boy do I want one.

Just think of the advantages that come from such a pool. When you aren’t swimming, you have extra space for outdoor activities. In patio mode, debri is far easier to clean up, and the water can be kept cool. Plus there’s the look on the faces of all of the random friends you can prank! This is a great addition to the growing trend of patio pools, like this one.

Via Agor Engineering

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