11 Horrid House Paint Jobs You’ll Wish You Could Unsee

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Sometimes you need a reminder of what true artistic failure is, just so you can remember how good your house has it. I can’t tell if some of these homes are painted because the occupants genuinely like the paint job, are trying to keep people away… or if they’re desperately crying out for help. In any case, your eyes might literally start burning after looking at these. Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

Nice try, pal, but we can still see it. And we’re not too happy about it, either.

If Barney were to swallow a house…

Via The Yard Art Game

Want to make people hate your business? Do this!

Maybe they were color blind?


Louis Vuitton. Because the bags just aren’t gaudy enough.

Looks like that house has some form of psychedelic chickenpox.

Pretty sure this was painted with toxic waste.

Was there a skittles blizzard recently?

You know those cheerleader routines where several people stack on top of each other to make a shape? Now do that with about 50 million naked Smurfs.

This is what happens when girls hit their “crazy cat lady” stage in grade school. Hmm… seems like we’ve seen this house somewhere before.