9 Interior Design Fails That’ll Make You Feel Like Martha Stewart In Comparison

tim-smith-authorBy Tim Smith  |  Modernizer |  Read More

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#1 Not even the presence of an alluring model can overcome this 1974 jungle-spa thingamajig.

We blame the popular drug of the era, cocaine. It came with a price: color acuity. But ugly lurks directly under our noses. It hides behind dollar signs and caked, smiling celebrities on red carpets upon which strut the many emperors and their new clothes.

#2 Here’s another example, courtesy of the 1950s.

Pink. Enough said.

#3 Shag carpet and wood paneling?

A winning combination in any competition for ugliest interior design!

#4 But what happens when too little color, rather than too much, is the problem?

For instance, this is a dental clinic (scintillating, we know)…

#5 …And this is a bathroom.

In our humble opinion, there ought to be more of a visual difference between the two.

#6 On a completely unrelated note: Men, welcome to erectile dysfunction.

David Bromstad, normally an interior designer of the first degree, created this unicorn paradise for an episode of Color Splash: Miami. While no immutable laws of color theory were necessarily broken, the bedroom is a classic case of inappropriate design. No teenager needs a headboard the size of a billboard announcing her virility, and no couple wants to engage in crazy acts of intimacy in a room colored like fruit salad.

#7 We are all for bold and colorful patterns but this room is literally going to give us a seizure.

#8 Yes, even professionals can whiff every now and again.

With apologies to Jerusalem Pottery, a family-owned business that usually produces dazzling hand-crafted mosaics, this kaleidoscopic floral backsplash could inadvertently hypnotize unsuspecting chefs.

#9 Haven’t you always wanted a skirt on your toilet?

We can only imagine how quickly that must’ve gotten dirty. But if you have a special bathroom that’s only reserved for “when the Queen comes to visit” then this could be the perfect addition.

Just remember, only you can stop ugliness. So think smart. Build beautiful. Head to Modernize.com for design inspiration for you next home project.