These 12 Hilarious Office Pranks May Make You Paranoid To Go Back To Work

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The real estate life isn’t always glamorous. Sometimes it requires toiling over something that no one wants to slave away on: paperwork. Many real estate pros work from home, but sometimes office work is unavoidable. And where there’s an office… there’s usually shenanigans. Lucky for you, we’ve rounded up a list of the best office pranks so you can be prepared.

1. Have that coworker that can’t stay awake for their projects? Here’s a great way to add some kick to the end of their coffee break.

Via Ryan Himmel

2. A nice little wake up call for your arachnophobic office mates.

3. The infamous sticky-note car. Share the gift of driving a pinata with someone!


4. Ah yes, the sticky note mousetrap.


5. Add Internet Explorer shortcuts for all their bookmarks on their desktop.

Turn off auto-align for bonus points.

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6. The “bathroom monopoly” routine. Be prepared for retribution, however.

Caution: Not so effective in Scotland with kilts and all.

7. Remember the frightening girl from “The Grudge?”

Well, Twitter user “Jerm” found a way you can remind your office mates in case they forgot…

8. You know those really mysophobic (fear of dirt and germs) office mates that freak out about every single part of everything? Here’s a way to help them get back in touch with nature.

Don’t worry about payback. “Kicking your butt” threats are always bluffs. They couldn’t handle coming in contact any with more of your germs.

Via Chris Poole

9. When you have an officemate that is shy about his/her high school photo…

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…you might use this “therapeutic” technique to help them get over it.

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10. Place this sign on any new, high tech coffee pot.

Give yourself at least three hours for quiet, hysterical laughter.

11. David Thorne, an Australian comedian, claims to have “Beiberfied” every stock photo on a coworker’s computer, leaving him with an endless stream of haunting Beiber visages at every turn.

All it took was some skill with photoshop, and tenacity. Thorne’s response to his coworker’s dismay? “You can still use them. Justin Bieber is very popular.” Now that’s optimism.

12. Finally, one of the most tenacious and impressive pranks I’ve seen. You have to REALLY want to impress your “mark” to pull something like this off.

Still, if you do, no one will forget it!

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