12 Ridiculous Real Estate Pics That Might Prove The Human Species Is Doomed

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More of our followers have submitted random photos of strange findings in homes across the world. Most were shot during actual home showings. We’ve displayed a few below to demonstrate that being a real estate agent can be quite the adventure. If you need proof that we humans are the strangest species that ever existed, look no further.

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#1 PLEASE tell me this isn’t a urinal…

Actually, it is. Lighter Side follower Beth Mersman spotted this attached to a shed while showing homes.

Lightersideofrealestate.com via Beth Mersman

#2 My carpenter friend, Ben Dover, has a sinister sense of humor.

Lightersideofrealestate.com via Lindsay Reid

#3 “The staircase is purely aesthetic, but think of the possibilities!”

Lightersideofrealestate.com via Erin Quigley

#4 “And this is how we keep the marriage alive.”

Lightersideofrealestate.com via Alex Morgan Johnson

#5 Coffee table by night, midget vampire bedroom by day.

Lightersideofrealestate.com via Jamie Fore

#6 “Honey, the clothes are done. Where’d you put the ladder?”

Lightersideofrealestate.com via Kate Phillips-Cook

#7 Sometimes I walk into my kitchen and forget what I needed to do. Safe to say the appliance guy did the same here.


#8 Which came first, the chicken electrician or the plumber? To this day, that riddle has not been solved.

Lightersideofrealestate.com via Chi C Yan

#9 “Now Honey, be sure to flush and put the lid down… or else…”

Lightersideofrealestate.com via Janelle Lilly McCarter

#10 “Dammit, Jim. I said PARTIES. We need to have more PARTIES.”

#11 Turns out the oven isn’t the only thing in this house that’s self cleaning.

Lightersideofrealestate.com via Lana Gonzalez

#12 Dad always warned me about making a spectacle of myself. I guess you could say I never listened.

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