17 Baffling Home Design Fails That’ll Make You Feel Like Bob Vila In Comparison

mike-bell-authorBy Mike Bell  |  Read Bio

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We live in a world of duality. Where there is dark, there is light. Where there is hot, there is cold. Where there are genius DIY projects… there are the polar opposite. Here’s a quick review of some of the most notorious (and often downright idiotic) home design examples we have picture evidence of. At least it’s more humor for the rest of us!

1. When you need that middle ground between a bath and a shower.

2. This is for the bathroom reserved for guests you don’t really like.

3. Yes, this is a staircase. Did someone take out a life insurance policy?

4. The floor is giving me vertigo.

5. “Honey, trespassers are now a thing of the past. Can you grab me another beer and the remote?”

6. Notice the phone and thermostat up top? Obviously this is Spiderman’s secret abode.

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7. Seriously?

8. Is the shower in the kitchen in case they catch themselves on fire? Not even going to ask about the toilet.

9. People have breakfast in bed. Why not in the bathtub?

10. Great home office for coffee drinkers.

11. This was obviously installed by an expert.

12. Takes “keeping it real” to a whole new level.

13. Going to the bathroom is obviously a partner situation.

14. Who needs ladders for a fire escape? The bushes will break your fall.

15. Compensating much?

16. It’s tough to get a handle on logic sometimes.

17. “Yeah, it’s obviously a bad idea, but let’s do it anyway!”

On the upside of this all, someone has to serve as examples of what not to do. I’ll give credit to these people for demonstrating the importance of planning before we commit to tackling DIY home design projects.