21 Photos That Prove Real Estate Is Like a Box of Chocolates

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Here we go again. Our loyal Realtor fans sent in more photos of the crazy stuff they’ve discovered in the wonderful world of real estate. What wild things will we see this time?

This had to be Mrs. MacGyver’s dryer.

Via: Candy Inbody

Home hack #4,578: Air purifier

Via: Brandi Jackson Furgeson

Listing description said this was a doll house… they weren’t kidding.

Via: Kristi Alexa

At least they have their priorities straight.

Via: Lydia R. Dunaway

Lockbox lottery contest! Step right up!

Via: Linette Jimenez

Can’t imagine why she left.

Via: Liz Erickson

Waaaaaay too much info…

Via: Glenn Offutt

Agent must meet height requirement to show.

Via: Fritzi K. Strom

Open and airy in-law suite with scenic views.

Via: Candace Brougher

What in the actual … happened here?

Via: Cindy S. Kappeler

Here’s the door-to-door solicitor’s entrance.

Via: Helen Bingham

Somehow I thought a Jack-and-Jill closet would at least be a walk-in…

Via: Helen Bingham

Hey, it’s a legit distinction!

Via: Melissa Elizondo

Realtor sexting at its best.

Via: Kerry Redding

“Flip the switch.” “No, YOU flip the switch!”

Via: Olga Verschoore

Guess who’s gonna be a top producer when they grow up…

Via: Shawna Wells

“You gotta fight… for your right… to potty!”

Via: Jennifer Williams-Orozco‎

Trampoline in a dining room… under a ceiling fan… what could go wrong?

Via: Kristi Alexa

You had one job…

Via: Lynn Simmons

Umm, glad they cleared that up.

Via: Donna McNerlin

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