27 Real Estate Listing Photos That CAN’T Be Real (But Are)

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Selling a home is difficult enough, so why would you make it even harder with these awful listing photos?

Consider this a wacky collection of cautionary real estate tales — listing photos so bad you’ll cry from laughter. Be sure to file these under “laughter is the best medicine”, and consider it our contribution to your health plan.

1. This cozy room makes it impossible to get out of the wrong side of the bed each morning.

2. State of the art kitchen designed to accommodate people with particularly fast metabolisms.

3. Triple your bathroom efficiency!

4. This home will inspire your inner abstract expressionism.


5. Oh, haaay!

6. What a lovely children’s room!

7. Candlelit baths are sooo overrated.

8. The positive: saves space! The negative: must wear hard hat when using the bathroom.

9. State of the art security system!

10. Depending on your mailman’s accuracy, your bills can automatically go right where they belong.

11. Owner’s last words: “Bring all offers!”

12. On a cold winter’s night, there’s nothing quite like a drawing of a log fire.

13. Won’t last long! Considerable interest already being shown. Mostly from horses.

14. You know what? Don’t step out of frame. Just hide behind the curtain.

15. Sorry, gravity does not convey.

16. Yeah, THIS one. This one’s really nice.

17. Previous buyers fell through, so submit your offer today!

18. As you can see, this room really livens up with a rug.

19. Liven this room up with a TV! As long as it’s a flat-screen. And you don’t mind going blind.

20. You don’t REALLY need a dining table.

21. At least we know the toilet works… right?

22. It’s not weird! It’s just to block the falling paint chips from the ceiling. It’s practical.

23. We can neither confirm or deny whether this room has ever been the subject of a crime scene investigation.

24. Perfect room for entertaining. Makeshift confetti conveys.

25. Fasten your seat belts, this home will knock your socks off.

26. The only limit to this home’s possibility is your imagination. But first you’ll have to imagine the home.

27. Bathe in luxury. Unique “jail-style” window perfectly compliments asymmetrical tile pattern and “crime scene” accenting.

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