6 Hilarious Examples Of Real Estate Marketing Fails

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Real estate agents know what it’s like to go above and beyond to sell a home. They will tolerate ignorance that most people wouldn’t, try to negotiate prices that shouldn’t be possible, and play it cool when everything seems to go wrong. Just like any sales profession, you do have some that just don’t know where to draw the line.

Perhaps this is inspiration. Perhaps it’s a clear lesson on when to medicate yourself. You’ll probably be amused either way.

#1 This agent likes to spice up his photos with random hordes of bell peppers.

#2 Can never have too many bell peppers.

#3 Or this lady… Seriously, bigger is not always better.


#4 Subtlety is everything.

#5 They say sex sells, but I beg to differ.

#6 On a positive note… they scored free proofreading services!

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