17 Of The Most Desperate DIY Pools Ever Made

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We humans are great at adapting to extreme environments. As technology emerged, we learned to create our own climate controlled environments. After all, life is much easier in comfort versus braving the elements.

One of our very best inventions for the extreme summer heat is swimming pools. However, not everyone can afford them. No worries, folks! As this article will prove, where there’s a will to escape an extreme summer, there’s a way to craft a desperate DIY pool from nearly anything.

1. Of course, we have to start off with the standard, redneck pickup pool.

2. Note to self: Never seek DIY pool advice from Oscar the Grouch.

3. Someone has obviously never seen Stephen King’s movie “IT”

4. “Makeshift pond? Suuuwwweeeeeeeet!”


5. Sometimes boats float in water, other times people float in boats.

6. If the game Oregon Trail had swimming pools, this is what they’d be like.

7. Yeah… This is a really bad accident just waiting to happen.

8. This one isn’t half bad, TBH.

9. “Dumpster diving” just took on a whole new meaning.

10. Relaxing, floating on his back. Glass of cabernet in hand. I like this guy’s style!

11. There’s more than one way for beer to keep you cool.

12. And with the pull of a lever, instant water slide!

13. With enough determination (and plastic wrap), you too can turn your living room into a swimmin’ hole. Don’t tell your insurance company.

14. Is that really what I think it is?

15. So, who’s driving?

16. Here’s a DIY pool that you can hitch up to go anywhere.

17. “Honey, I found Junior.”

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