They Say The Door You Pick Gives Deep Insight About Your Personality. Try It And See.

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Analyzing personality usually makes one think of lying down on a leather couch, a therapist asking questions about your long forgotten past, the sounds of scribbling on paper, and perhaps a hefty fee soon after. However, there appears to be some ability to assess personality traits based purely on your reaction to certain things you see in your environment.

So whether or not you enjoy reading horoscopes or taking Myers and Briggs tests, this is a fun little test that seems to be impressing a lot of people.

Here’s how it works. There are eight doors to pick from in the following image. All you have to do is choose which one appeals to you the most without overthinking it. Then look below to read what that door says about you.


Relax your mind, and feel which door appeals to you the most. Once you have it, read the corresponding description below.

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Door Number One:

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You are all about simplicity in life. You prefer solitude and personal time over the wild parties and crazy hustle and bustle lifestyles. Your ideal gatherings are with family and close friends, in a relaxed way. You prefer for people to be authentic and down to Earth. Your life is likely to be more drama free than most, but be wary of becoming stagnant.

Door Number Two:

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You are someone who wants to get the most out of life, materially and socially, and you work hard to get it and enjoy the endeavour. For you, the more challenging it is to achieve your desires, the more you want it. And when you know what you want, you will focus like a laser and no one better get in your way. As a result, you are very likely to accumulate wealth. Be careful not to let your relationships suffer due to such pointed focus.

Door Number Three:

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You are someone who will seek adventure, and perhaps “go where angels fear to tread.” The fire hydrant is a caution sign, yet the door looks magical and seems to promise adventures untold. Who knows what actually lies beyond? Take your time, and be sure you aren’t being overly impulsive. Seek wisdom from other adventurous types to help you make the best decisions. If you learn to flow with this adventurous instinct properly, and with a sound mind, you will lead a life worth basing a novel on.


Door Number Four:

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This red door with the castle walls is the door for the warrior. You have a consistent readiness to do battle with any forces that seem to get in the way of what you want. You likely see a fight, subtle or overt, in so many areas. You are likely someone who is mentally defeating a person before ever even getting to really know them, simply because it makes you feel secure. This energy can be wonderful when applied to the right situations. Run amok, and it can keep life in constant strife. Learn where the real fights are, and what is really needed to win them, and you can move mountains through sheer will alone.

Door Number Five:

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This door is about finding peace with your life. You may have been through enough conflict to finally realize how little most of it means, and how you simply want a life of love and security. At this point, you likely know what you want, so focus all of your attention that way, and seek the path of least resistance to those things. There might be obstacles, but those are part of life. When you feel consistent struggle, that’s the signal to back off and allow a better way to show itself. Once you have learned this, you will have the serenity and satisfaction you desire.

Door Number Six:

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The proverbial “light at the end of the tunnel,” (no, it’s not a train). You’ve been through a lot, yet you are beginning to feel the end of the struggle. You can see the day breaking after the darkest part of the night. Congratulate yourself and get ready to reap the reward for your hard work. You are likely someone who has overcome challenges many have fallen to. Your strength and wisdom will be helpful for inspiring others through their dark times. By this point, you will remember to tell them, the true source of strength always comes from within.

Door Number Seven:

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This is kind of like the cartoon characters in a hallway filled with doors. They go into one only to run out another door on the other side of the hall. Your life is like playful chaos. What door shall you go through? Why not try them all? You don’t mind that things are a constant surprise, and that’s something that makes your life very naturally unique, and perhaps a bit magical. Understand that you may be quite lucky, or you just don’t care about mishaps from your chaotic adventuring. However, be aware of those you love that get caught up in your adventures. Should you wish to build true, nurturing relationships, you must find that balance point between the playful chaos, and consideration of those you care for.

Door Number Eight:

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You are the curious type who knows that fine line between being adventurous, and blundering into chaos. You know exactly what you are curious about, how to approach it the most responsibly, what you need to experience before you are done with it, and when to back off and go another direction. This opens a unique opportunity for natural fortune in your life. You are the kind of person that will eventually gain an instinctive wisdom that may seem like “luck.” Trust yourself, and your unique flow with life. In time, this will help you prosper in all areas of your life, and perhaps teach others to do the same.


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