9 Thoughts That Go Through Your Head When Looking at Houses You Can’t Afford Online

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Checking out amazing houses online has become something of a national pastime. With people spending more time at home and on their phones, it’s no surprise that more of us are falling down the rabbit hole of looking at drool-worthy real estate we may never actually step foot in, let alone buy.

Whether you’re a serious buyer, or just addicted to the daydream of it all, everyone has one thing in common: a tendency to look at houses they can’t afford. And when you find yourself doing that, there’s quite a few thoughts you have in common with everyone else!

Here are nine things you’ve likely thought, while looking at those houses you can’t afford:

1. Is that six zeros or seven?

Might be easier to just count the commas.

2. That’s a nice light fixture. I can definitely afford that.

Wait, the light fixture costs how much!?

3. Imagine the look on Courtney from high school’s face if I owned this

I would totally invite her to the housewarming then ask her where she lives.

4. What could I invent so that I could afford a house like this?

There’s gotta be something this world desperately needs…

5. The property taxes are how much?!

That’s more than my mortgage now…

6. Did I buy my Powerball ticket yet this week?

Better grab a few more and get some Mega Millions tickets too.

7. Who could possibly need that many bathrooms?

I wouldn’t even be able to afford all of the toilet paper this house would need…

8. I wonder how much the utility bill is.

How much does it cost to heat 10,000 square feet?

9. Someday…someday.

Maybe not this year or next, but one day I’ll be able to buy something like this.