Here’s Why You Should Re-Share Real Estate Content You’ve Shared Before… Again and Again

The Internet has really leveled the playing field for real estate agents. Years ago you needed a hefty marketing budget to be able to get your name out there in front of people often enough for them to remember you the next time they buy or sell a house. But using social media for content marketing has made it not only possible for every agent to market the heck out of themselves regardless of their budget, but also necessary to do so if you want to compete!

The tricky part for many agents is being able to come up with enough new, original content to share on a regular basis…

Frequency is key in order for you to stay top-of-mind with your audience. You can’t just post a piece of content every once in a while and hope that it’ll do the trick. Ideally you should share content daily, if not multiple times per day.

Think about it, how many times are you exposed to any particular brand’s marketing and messages per day? Probably more times than you can count! That’s how brands stay top-of-mind; they’re constantly making sure you’re seeing and hearing from them… whether you like it or not. And whether you notice it or not!

Many agents worry so much about people smashing the “like” button, commenting, and sharing their posts, but you shouldn’t expect that from every piece of content you share. Just constantly sharing content is working some quiet magic for you. Frequency allows you to subtly infiltrate peoples’ minds.

But man it certainly feels good when people do react to something you share, or it directly gets you a lead or client to work with!

Yet regardless of whether a piece of content seemingly flew under the radar of everyone in your audience, or got a ton of attention, most agents avoid sharing a piece of content more than once. They worry that their audience will get bored, annoyed, or even angry if they share a piece of content more than once, so they’re constantly trying to come up with something new to share.

Well, you might want to rethink that, and start re-sharing some of your content!

Old Content Is Always New to Someone in Your Audience

According to this Marketing Brew article, while regularly sharing new content is important, you should also re-share content as well — especially if it performed well in the past.

As much as you might be concerned that people in your audience will notice you’ve shared something before, there’s a good chance many of them haven’t! Sure, some of them might have, but just because some people saw it the first time you posted it, doesn’t mean everyone in your audience did.

In fact, they claim that somewhere between 68% and 88% of your followers probably haven’t seen a particular piece of content you’ve posted in the past, no matter how well it did previously.

First of all, you’re at the mercy of algorithms deciding how many people (and which ones) they’ll even show your content to. Even if you pay money to make sure your content is more widely shared by a platform, you’re not guaranteed that your content will be served up to your entire audience.

But even if they did, social media is a crowded place, with an endless amount of content being shared. And it’s not like most people are looking at their feeds chronologically, making sure they don’t miss a single post every single minute of every single day. The reality is, most people are quickly (and mindlessly) scrolling, and doing so on various platforms. Most people aren’t going to be able to remember the majority of things they see in a day, let alone what you share.

Will some people recognize that you’ve shared something before? Perhaps. But even if they did, they might actually appreciate it more the second (or third… or fourth…) time around!

People Notice What Matters to Them… When It Matters to Them

People take notice of what resonates with them on any given day or time in their life.

Let’s face it, real estate is constantly on your mind, but it isn’t something most people have on their mind every day of their life. Unless someone’s thinking about buying or selling a house in the near future, there’s a good chance they’re not going to stop scrolling and read every word of what you post about real estate.

For instance…

That great article you posted last year about preparing your home for sale might not have been something “Fred” even noticed last year, but now he’s thinking about selling to move closer to his aging parents and there’s a much better chance he’ll stop and read it.

Or “Sue” could have noticed the piece you shared six months back filled with tips on buying a house, but wasn’t thinking about ever buying a house again. But then she finds out she’s inheriting some money and is thinking about buying her dream house.

That doesn’t mean either of them weren’t aware that you were sharing real estate content; they just weren’t paying particularly close attention to what you were sharing. Frequently sharing content was doing the surface-level job of making sure they knew in the back of their mind that you’re an agent, but their interest in a particular piece of content only mattered once it truly mattered to them.

What Content Should You Re-Share?

If you want to make the most out of re-sharing your content, you should spend some time taking stock of the content you’ve shared in the past, and also keep track of any new content you share moving forward that will be worthy of re-sharing sometime later on. A spreadsheet, or simple list will do, but popping them into a content planner or calendar will help you visualize what and when to re-share content a lot better.

Here’s what you want to look for when choosing content to re-share on social media:

  • Content that got a lot of “likes” or other reactions. If people gave it the literal thumbs up, it’s a no-brainer that other people will probably like it if you share it again.
  • Ones that got a lot of engagement with your audience. “Likes” are nice, but sometimes a piece doesn’t get many reactions, but gets a ton of comments. Anything that started a discussion and gave you the ability to interact with people should definitely be on your list.
  • If a piece directly or indirectly got you a prospect, client, or sale. Even if a piece of content didn’t get many (or any!) reactions or engagement, but you know it got you business, make sure you plan on re-sharing it. For instance, you get a call from a prospect and they mention having read an article that stuck in their mind. Or a client tells you how they knew what to do or how to think about an issue because of a piece you shared about the buying or selling process.
  • Re-use ones that are seasonal. Content related to buy or selling during the spring market, or over the holidays (as long as it isn’t specific to a certain year) is great to share year after year.
  • Things you shared before you grew your audience. If you’ve made a concerted effort to grow your audience, re-share things you posted prior to the bump up in followers.

Need Content Worth Re-Sharing?

If this all sounds great, but you don’t really have much content at all, or you have a ton of content but not enough of it is worth re-sharing, you should check out our Inner Circle membership!

It’s about the easiest way for you to crank out content that looks like you created it yourself by just clicking a few buttons to add your own name and branding onto it. You’ll have access to:

  • Over 1,500 existing articles, with more added weekly. We have ones for each season and many holidays you can use each year, but also ones that are entertaining, or resourceful you could share and re-share for years to come.
  • Close to 2,000 memes. These range from funny and witty, to useful ones that give tips about buying and selling.
  • 20 how-to booklets you can use to generate leads by offering the free booklets on the articles you share.

That’s just the stuff you’d use for sharing (and re-sharing!) for your social media content marketing. There’s also hundreds of email and letter templates, and a ton of super creative real estate postcards. And if that isn’t enough…

…you’ll be saving yourself a ton of time thinking up ideas and having to actually write content you hope will be worth resharing, for about the price of a cup of coffee per day!

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If you’re looking to submit an article or partner with us in other ways, please let us know here.