14 Skinny Houses That Really Need To Eat A Sandwich

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A while back, we covered this tiny home for the unique build that it has. It turns out that there are a lot of super thin homes popping up around the world, and somehow people are living in them comfortably. Looking at some of these may leave you amazed, while scratching your head wondering how they do it.

1. The Japanese company Atelier Tekuto loves to create innovative and space saving ways to live. This ultra thin house is a prime example.

Here’s a view of the inside. I’m not sure if I’d consider this comfy living, but it’s definitely efficient.

2. This Toronto house is slightly under 300 square feet, 7.25 feet wide, and 113.67 feet long.

If you get tired of having to climb over your house mates, there’s a lovely patio out back. Toronto takes it’s living spaces seriously. You can have this home for a cool $173,000.

3. Antwerp’s Sculp(IT) pride themselves in tackling any architectural task given.

They took 7 foot and 10 inch wide space and turned it into a 4 floor home and office complex. You have floors for work, living, dining, and even a relaxing tub on the roof.


4. This thin home in Amsterdam is known as one of the thinnest in the world.

You see the 7 on the building? See that door the woman is standing in front of? That’s pretty much the width all the way through.

5. Zur Wage 1273, Konstanz, Germany

Via MLM Cored

6. Boyarsky Murphy built this “Sliver House” on the site of a former wine vault that served the adjacent pub.

At 3 meters wide by 8 meters high, it looks pretty dwarfed among the neighboring structures.

7. Toronto has another Slim House designed by Drew Mandel for his own private residence.

8. The site used for this house is roughly 390 square feet, while the home is roughly 197 square feet.

This home was designed by Shuhei Endo in Japan.

9. Here’s a building in Osaka, Japan. This guy just can’t believe what he’s seeing.

10. Here is a tall, yet “oui oui” home in Paris, France.

11. Here is an incredibly thin home in Nagasaki, Japan. I’m not sure anyone but ninjas could fit in there.

12. The white complex is the Capsule Hotel in Hamamatsucho Station. This one is in Tokyo, Japan.

13. Even London has a few significantly thin and lofty living places.

14. This Charleston, SC home almost looks like and old time country church. My guess is the congregation is dedicated to fasting regularly.