I Can’t Decide What the Owner of This Man Cave Needs More: An Award… Or Therapy

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Via Barcroft TV

Most of us have seen comic book hero fans in our lives. I’m not talking about the common movie-goer that likes to enjoy a romp through New York City with Spiderman for the thrill of web-slinging on the bigscreen. I’m talking about those who will do anything to prove that they are the biggest and most devout fans of all. Some hoard comics wrapped in plastic (drool prevention, no doubt). Some are constantly upgrading their very own costumes to make the biggest impact on any comic themed event they can. That’s a double edged sword, since tights are a common theme.

Chris Weir, a Delaware fan of the Batman series, decided all of that was child’s play. He spent $150,000 (not counting $100,000 in featured comic books on his walls) to create an actual Batcave Basement where he and his family could gorge on Batman media for the remainder of their days. Between the literal secret passage (Adam West style), the 120 inch screen, and an actual featured Batman costume from the last two Batman movies (and much more) this guy has definitely set the bar to a whole new level.