You’ll Think This Client-To-Realtor Email Is a Work of Fiction… But It’s Dead Serious

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If you think being a Realtor is easy and we just tour pretty houses…. Well here is the perfect example of how wrong you are. See email I received tonight:


Do you mind taking pictures of these things…

1. Laundry room. Can’t tell where it enters the house. How big it is and how new the appliances are.

2. Garage. Can’t tell where it enters house, or if it has an exit door to outside. All four walls too.

3. The area between the third slider and the kitchen. Is this a formal dining area or living area?

4. Another angle of the master bath. I am hoping for a tub. And entry view from pool.

5. Inside/outside the shed.

6. Pictures to show the width of yard between the house and fence on each side.

7. Closets in each bedroom and pantry in kitchen.

8. Entry of each bedroom so I can see how they related to each other and the bathroom.

9. Several pictures of the hallway and mud room…is that what they call it in Florida?

10. Entry way into master bedroom.

11. Views of the seawall or water’s edge.

12. Porch area off master bedroom.

13. Views of the ceiling. They don’t look vaulted or flat.

14. Pictures from inside the screened pool area facing the sliders.

15. View of neighbor’s yards from the pier.

16. Views of the kitchen island itself. I can’t tell what is under the countertop.

Questions we can discuss tomorrow…

1. Condition of seawall.

2. Is the pool solar heated? What are solar panels for?

3. Current monthly electric and water bills.

4. Age and condition of AC unit and heat system.

5. Size of the shed. Can another one or bigger one be put on property?

6. Is the fireplace electric and operational?

7. Is the stove gas or electric, same for water heater. How big is and age of water heater.

8. Clarify indoor living space square feet vs total square feet.

9. Is it possible to view the last inspection?

10. Are quiet chickens allowed?

11. Height and width dimension in master bedroom where the headboard would go. It looks like the ceiling is lower there and I can’t tell if a king size bed and side table will fit.

12. How intense is the sun in the late afternoon.

13. Dimensions of the pool. Do they have a pool service?

14. Condition/age of pool equipment.

15. Dimension of area in front of refrigerator. Is it big enough for a eat in kitchen?

16. Could I still get more of the tile flooring? I would want to tile the bedrooms also.

17. Is the kitchen backsplash stainless steel?

18. Are there flood lights anywhere outside?

19. Does the garage have an auto opener?

20. Is there a pool cover?

21. Do they have a lawnmower?

22. Who owns the fences? Can they be extended?

23. Any fruit trees?

24. Is there a typical breeze? Since there are no windows on the east side is there airflow if just the sliders are open.

25. Are the sliders pocket doors or do they only open to one slider size?

26. Dimensions of wall lengths of living room. From wall inset to corner and corner to fireplace edge. And the height of the ceiling there.

27. Soonest time to schedule a trip to see it.

I apologize for randomness but that’s all I can think of for now. Let me know if you need clarification on anything.