It’s Just a Normal, Everyday Home… Until You See What’s Inside

mike-bell-authorBy Mike Bell  |  Read Bio

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Some people like to brag that they spoil their animals, but Greg Krueger’s definition of the word means something different than yours and mine.The 49-year-old Minnesota resident has been working on a unique renovation for the last 15 years: Transforming his home into an elaborate playground for his four cats.

Greg has Asperger’s Syndrome, and he’s never felt comfortable in social situations. So he decided to find a hobby that suited him well. This video gives a tour of Krueger’s house from the perspective of a frolicking cat. Nearly 100 yards of catwalks span the ceilings of Krueger’s home, which is complete with plenty of nooks and crannies specifically for the cats to get cozy in.

Take a tour of this amazing renovation below.