We Yabba Dabba Do Want To Live In This Flintstones House That Just Hit The Market

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Hillsborough has gone to the cavemen. In 1976, Bay Area architect William Nicholson created this experiment in innovative materials, which later has been dubbed the “Flintstone House.” Over the decades, it gained other nicknames such as the “Barbapapa” house, the Dome House, the Gumby House, and the Bubble House. Decades later, Alain Pinel Realtors has put this house is up for sale. The asking price is reported as $4.2 million. I’d post the Zillow listing, but we don’t have enough salt to take their figures with.

The Flintstone House overlooks I-280 between Hillsborough and San Francisco, California.

The outer appearance has invoked both admiration and disdain from the locals and passing tourists. So, why would there be such a high asking price?

Via Facebook | Willow Glen Charm

Aside from the fact that the home is made of innovative materials, created by spraying gunite on wire mesh frames molded over balloons, the inside of the home is actually quite astonishing.

The 2,730 square foot home fell into disarray in the 1980’s. In 1996, the two acre property was purchased for $800,000 and then renovated 2007.

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The tallest part of the home houses a comfy bedroom, reached via spiral staircase. The master bathroom floor is adorned by rocks instead of tile.

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This incredible kitchen was designed by architect Eugene Tsui, who was appointed in 2007 to handle the renovations.

The steel cut-out doors were created by Burning Man artist, Dan Das Mann.

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Eugene Tsui did an astounding job of turning this place into the only marshmallow patch that you can walk into.

You immediately feel like you’re in a lavish and artistic, 3 bedroom/2 bathroom caveman’s (or cavewoman’s) paradise. Wilma would be quite pleased.

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Tsui says that whoever buys this house should be comfortable with standing out.

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If you didn’t get the point, seeing Tsui in this video will let you know exactly what he means.