Homeowners Turn The Tables By Foreclosing ON Bank of America

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Ask anyone that lost a house within the last decade since the housing market crashed, and I’m sure it was one of their hardest times in their life. Banks seemed to have no sympathy for people, and they were on a repossession spree for years when homeowners could no longer afford their mortgage payments. Not many qualified for refinancing because the homes value was significantly lower than what was owed, and therefore the market plummeted and created a wave of disgruntled, distraught, devastated, and now homeless, people in its wake.

A majority of homes that were foreclosed on were deserved, but there were a great deal that also weren’t. Well, a southern Florida couple got sweet revenge when they foreclosed on Bank of America, instead of the other way around. Watch the video below to learn how…

…and nevermind that this all went down in June, 2011; this story is timeless.

Via 2xtream