This Local Hero Built A Train For All His Adopted Stray Dogs

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Eugene Bostick and his brother Corky have shared a farm on a dead-end road in Fort Worth, Texas since the 1940’s. Over the recent years, a lot of people have dropped off stray dogs in the area. Somehow, many of them find their way to the Bostick farm, looking for a home with a warm heart. Fortunately, they found it!

Not only have the lucky pups been provided food and room to run, they also get a treat that very few will ever have the chance to experience.

They get to go out on the town in a train!

This is the coolest guy he rescues stray dogs and every morning he takes them for a train ride by our building, i finally got the courage up to ask if I could take his pic! Love this and had to share!

Posted by Tiffany Johnson on Thursday, September 17, 2015

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This gold-hearted man decided he could create a doggie transport by mimicking something he saw being used to transport rocks.

With some plastic barrels, metal framing, wheels and a tractor, these happy doggies are gettin’ along in style.

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They get so excited about it, they jump in as soon as they hear Eugene hooking up the tractor, and stay in for the duration of the ride!

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These little guys must feel like they’re in a parade. Now check out the video below to see this “chew chew” train in action!

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