Most People Don’t Realize How Many Vacant Castles Still Exist. The Best Part? They’re All Up For Sale

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Ever wanted your own castle? I’m sure most of us have at least fantasized at one point or another. Probably stems from childhood and the stories of King Arthur and other such tales that keep us enthralled with the idea that a castle would be the way to live. Just get yourself a dragon and a wizard and you’re all set!

Well, apparently it’s not as trendy in this day and age, as Italy can’t seem to keep their castles filled. Seems that generations aren’t created equal, and many families have passed down their stone built monuments to kids that just didn’t feel like “filling daddy’s shoes.” Not only are the cost of taxes astronomical, but the upkeep is brutal, and the country itself is in a bit of a financial downturn.

One real estate company has decided to take up the arduous task of selling these homes to buyers that have a lot of money, itching to be spent. Lionard Luxury Real Estate has no less than 70 castles for sale. Apparently, they are counting on the Game of Thrones fanbase to have a few multi millionaires who are craving their own opportunity to stake their kingdom on the map!

Want to join the race for castle ownership dominance? Just click the source link for any of the photos and you can see the listing for yourself.

1. Medieval Fortress in Piedmont

Take this castle’s listing for example: “The main floor hosts two suites with frescoed walls, the “King room,” a suite with a XVIIIth century terrace, two XVIIIth century living rooms with fireplaces, a dance hall, a music hall, a library and a courtyard.”

Apparently, they are suggesting that a buyer will turn it into a hotel. Not a bad idea really. If you’re going to take on something with this much upkeep, why not make money from it?

All this can be yours for a measly “5 to 10 million euros.” That’s quite a margin. I guess they aren’t too picky as long as they can sell it.

Images via Leonard Luxury Real Estate

2. Old Papal Residence With Medieval Village Views

Listing: “Property for sale near Rome featuring a very quaint real estate complex built on a hill… conceived as a feudal castle, in order to establish the monastic rule on Subiaco, over the centuries the building assumed different functions, from fortress, to luxurious palace and residence of popes and cardinals.”

Not to mention, it has a clock tower! You’ll never lose track of time again.

This place was renovated back in 1476. Apparently it was to install “modern amenities.” Riiiiiiiight… Once again, 5 to 10 million euros for this “timely” fortress.

Images via Leonard Luxury Real Estate

3. Luxury Lake Maggiore Villa

Listing: “This is an exceptional property, in one of the most enchanting areas of Italy, ideal for those who appreciate the fantastic typical Lombardy landscapes, which are one of the main features of this estate.”

Not to mention, this bad boy has two taverns, 14 bedrooms, and a… a PRIVATE BEACH? This is easily the greatest potential frat house in Italy.

2.5 to 5 million Euros. Because, you know… frat boys don’t typically have much to spend.

Images via Leonard Luxury Real Estate

4. Emilia Romagna Medieval Castle

Listing: “The castle features three entrances for vehicles and five doorways. Grand ornamental statues of horses and lions guard the main entrances. During the 17th century, this site featured only a grand country house and only the north facing part of the castle. In 1882, the duke, who was the owner, felt it was necessary to embellish what was then a simple manor house. With the help of an engineer, he decided to build an actual castle in medieval style, surrounded by imposing walls, which then became the official residence of his dukedom. During the 1800s, the building underwent important transformations, particularly regarding the internal spaces, becoming an ideal place for leisure and entertainment.”

Not to mention, the artsy flare on the ceiling spaces are “magnifique.” 5 to 10 million euros and it’s all yours.

Images via Leonard Luxury Real Estate

5. Villa Godilonda

Here’s a quaint castle off the Estruscan coast with 278 suites and a private beach. The listing suggests putting in a helipad… I suggest a catapult with a parachute to keep it a little more aligned with the medieval theme.

The old Bulgari family home will run you 8 million Euros. Catapult not included.

Images via Leonard Luxury Real Estate

6. Chianti Castle, Vineyard and Olive Grove

Listing: “Dating back to the 17th century, this property is a true architectural masterpiece and is nestled in the green hills of Tuscany, in the heart of the famous Chianti area. There is a producing vineyard, for the production of excellent Tuscan wine and an olive grove for making extra virgin olive oil.”

So, this place is great for your party reputation, and your skin!

10 million euros for this one. I suppose the appeal of a vineyard and olive grove is too strong for a bargain margin. It is Italy, after all.

Images via Leonard Luxury Real Estate

7. Lucca Villa of Collodi

Listing: “The villa is a four story building and its elevated position with respect to the district offers a panoramic view like no other. The villa is masterfully decorated with rococo finishes that give it a timeless fabulous look. There are frescoes, stucco and paintings, and the interior of the house for sale is huge. But what probably gives more value and prestige to the magnificent villa is the majestic garden that surrounds it…. There are flower beds, circular ponds, and water features that greet visitors to the garden and offer a charm of another era. The charm of French style are obvious and recall the style of Mannerism and Baroque.”

Yet another place with very catchy artwork. Apparently, it even has it’s own drawbridge! 10 million euros for this one.

Images via Leonard Luxury Real Estate

8. Ligura Castle

This one is a truly more modern, Coppede style castle from 1911.

Just because it has a little less history, doesn’t mean you can’t make your own here.

Create your own caste story here for 2.5 to 5 million euros.

Images via Leonard Luxury Real Estate

9. Historic castle complete with private family graveyard

According to the listing this place includes, “stables, slaughter house, large cellars, medieval chapel and the private family graveyard.” Wait a minute. Is “private family graveyard” actually a selling point?

Perhaps it’s useful in case someone trips in the stairwell.

On the upside, this home is quite spacious and well lit.

It’s also easy to find.

Ummm, what would one keep down here?

Lovely view.

This can be home sweet home for the rest of your life (and apparently afterlife) for 2.5 to 5 million euros.

Images via Leonard Luxury Real Estate