This College Kid Was Tired Of Paying Rent, So He Built Himself A Tiny House

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Ah, to be a student! Filling one’s mind with higher (hopefully) knowledge, networking with future comrades in the game of life, and having adventures which will provide nostalgia for years to come. That said, all of this glory can easily be overshadowed by one thing: student loan debt.

It’s fortunate that many people have access to a college education, even if they aren’t well off. But it’s unfortunate that such an education usually leaves one paying off debt with high interest for many years to come.

Joel Weber, who attends University of Texas at Austin, decided to show the establishment what real genius looks like by cutting back considerably on his future debt. He effectively eliminated the monthly cost of living (up to $800 worth) for his student career.

How did he do this you ask? He took a year off from school and built himself a tiny home. He told ABC News that he designed the home himself with some help from a volunteer carpenter and electrician.

His home cost $20,000 and some donated materials.

Some might argue that it costs way more than rent ($800 per month), but considering he won’t be paying interests on extra loans, and now has a place to live after school, his choice makes far more sense.

Now I know what you might be thinking. “What can you possibly fit in a 145 square foot home?” Joel is so glad you asked.

There are two loft beds. This leaves extra space below for…

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A posh little living area and kitchen. This place is fully wired and has a gas cooker. He even crafted a sink out of a mango bowl.

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He even has bathroom area, complete with a shower and full plumbing. Pretty cozy looking if you ask me.

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Since Joel will be saving so much money in the long run, he charges clients less when he does his house-sitting, landscaping, and nanny work.

“It’s about being able to give back to these people in my community,” he stated.