Nobody Could’ve Ever Guessed How She Decorated The Interior Of Her Home… Love It? Or Leave It?

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Some people love to create themes for their homes. Sometimes these themes stem from pop culture brands such as Hello Kitty, Batman, or Aliens & Predator. Which brings us to Lillian from Clork County, Ireland. She decided to immortalize her favorite American beverage. She turned her modest suburban home into a temple of the all mighty Coca Cola soft drink.

Lillian has been collecting Coca Cola memorabilia for over 30 years.

She’s collected every type of bottle, logo, and advertisement art she could get ahold of.

Why would someone do this? My guess is she got ahold of one of the old time drinks, still laced with cocaine (yes, that was an original ingredient), and her love for Coca Cola never went away.

Apparently, the original Coca Cola product had cocaine and kola nut in it, and was used as a nerve tonic.

John Smith Pemberton, a former veteran, invented Coca Cola after becoming addicted to morphine. His intention was to create a healthier substitute. It was called “French Wine Cocaine.”


Later, Coca Cola came out and was used to help with various addictions. It was also used to treat “tired nerves,” which was considered a medical disorder of the 1800’s due to the busy lifestyles. I guess the idea of balancing work ethic with rest and a good diet hadn’t quite caught on yet.

In 1929, all cocaine was removed from the drink. It was claimed that Coca Cola had only small traces in it, so a person wouldn’t even get a buzz. Not sure I understand the strategy in that. (customer “loyalty”? *cough*)

Apparently, Coca Cola was used to save the day during WWII. It was a tasty pick-me-up that many soldiers relied on in order to make it through the challenges they faced.

130 years after its invention, Coca Cola still has dedicated fans like Lillian.

Honestly, Coca Cola should pay her advertisement royalties considering how viral these photos are.

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