Noticed These Blue Curb Strips Lately? Here’s The AWESOME Story Behind Them

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For some people, seeing blue lines spray-painted on curbs may signify utility markings. However, these lines (which are painted using tape or a rectangular stencil) are quite different, and the reason behind them has the Internet commending one man for starting an inspirational trend.

The blue strip stands for something called “The Safe Harbor Initiative”. Basically, painting one on the curb in front of your home is meant to signify that you support police and “have their back.”

Anthony Welichko, a man from San Antonio, Texas, is the person credited with kicking off “The Safe Harbor Initiative” with this Facebook post:


Via Facebook | Anthony Welichko

As stated in his post, these little blue strips are a way that neighborhoods and communities can show their solidarity with the police. Although the police may have a few “bad apples” (as does any profession) who end up giving law enforcement a bad rap, we can all agree that we collectively benefit from the bravery and dedication shown by the vast majority of police officers who risk their lives to keep us safe.

Now that you know the backstory, will you head out to your curb this afternoon with some tape and a can of blue spray paint to support The Safe Harbor Initiative? If so, be sure to share this article first to help get the word out.

(H/T: Top Right News)