Would You Swim In The World’s First Glass-Bottom ‘Sky Pool’?

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There are some building design concepts that are so cool, they just have to be reported on. This one is a set of luxury residences known as the Embassy Gardens, scheduled to start construction in London’s Nine Elms district during October of 2015.

Between HAL Architects, and the engineering genius of Arup Associates, this is going to be a truly innovative opportunity for apartment style living. The project is a part of the plan to regenerate the Nine Elms/Battersea area with 2,000 new homes. These residences are going to be top notch units to own, or rent. They come with a number of great amenities. But one stands out in particular…

…It’s a “swimming pool bridge” that connects the two buildings together at the top!

That’s right folks. You can get your morning workout routine in on the way to see your neighbors on the 10th floor, while watching everyone below gaze up in wide-eyed wonder.

This is what the pool is projected to look like from the top.

The swimming bridge is completely encased in transparent acrylic material (not sure about the top), and it’s 90 feet long, 16 feet wide, and 10 feet deep.


Not only is this 260 million pound (yeah, that’s a lot of US dollars) project going to have this stellar swimming bridge, but also a walking bridge, a “work from home” business area, a gym, a ground floor garden walking area, and a rooftop bar.

After all, what goes together better than alcohol and a 10 story high acrylic glass swimming pool?

Don’t worry, the “glass” is at least 7.9 inches thick, and wikipedia ensures us that the material “is sometimes able to achieve high scratch and impact resistance.” Sometimes? On second thought, I’ll take garden path.