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14 Of The Most Clever Profile Covers For Agents

In this spirit of transparency, we admit we’re totally biased when we say “the most clever.”

Why’s that? Because we created them.

At any rate, we’ll just let you judge for yourself. :)

1. C’mon, who doesn’t appreciate a clever pun?! (Monsters and psychopaths maybe, but everybody else does!)

2. How true is THIS one?!

3. It’s been said that “brevity is the soul of wit.” Well, you can’t get much more to the point than this!

4. Want another example of brevity? Look no further than this one…

5. See what we did here?

6. What happens when you sprinkle a dash of real estate (and cleverness) into a popular nursery rhyme? This Facebook cover is what…

7. Everyone’s favorite dinosaur demonstrates a powerful (…well, playful at least) point.

8. This one puts a whole new spin on happiness.

9. And of course, we have plenty of holiday-themed covers… here are a few examples for Valentine’s Day.






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