12 Laundry Room Hacks That’ll Save You LOADS Of Space And Effort

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Laundry day is enough of a hassle. You have to deal with dirty socks, colors bleeding over, getting the detergent right, figuring out how much bleach, and making sure your items don’t sour or wrinkle after sitting too long.

Most would agree that anything that can can help make laundry time more efficient and pleasant might be worth the time looking into. So here are 12 ideas on how to make the most of your laundry space, supplies, and time spent.

Here’s to you getting through your laundry days with a little more ease.

1. Store various cleaning supplies, and random findings in glass jars for later use. I’m sure seeing the coin jar fill up will be satisfying after a while.

2. What happens when you combine a craft center, an office, and a laundry room into one? You end up with a space like this. The ultimate multipurpose nook for tiny homes.

3. When you absolutely need space, a deep kitchen pantry can serve perfectly with smaller washers and dryers.

4. A hanging clothes rack is great for allowing clothes to finish drying while saving floor space.


5. One great idea is to group slide-out laundry baskets with an ironing board countertop.

6. Here’s the same idea in island form.

This one is made of wooden pallet planks, dark chalkboard paint and paste wax.

7. Small space? No worries, just be more efficient with a laundry closet like this.

Also, you can’t see it, but there’s an ironing board installed behind the first cabinet door as well.

8. Here’s a clever, DIY, drop-down drying rack made out of an old ladder, new paint, and some shower liner hooks.

9. If your household produces a lot of laundry, just take some PVC pipe, canvas cloth, and a few laundry bags and make a DIY basket set to manage it all.

10. Here’s a door painted with chalkboard paint with an over-the-door shelving rack attached. This way you can write important memos for your forgetful kids (or parents).

11. The best space is utilized space. The space between studs is perfect for brooms, mops, or an ironing board.

12. And if you’d rather not cut holes in your laundry room walls, how about this attractively mounted, swing-out clothing rack for conserving space?

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