19 Space-Saving Bathroom Hacks That You’ll Wish You Knew A Lot Sooner

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It’s important to feel like you have enough space in the room where you shower, shave, and… answer nature’s various callings. Space efficiency is become increasingly important in many areas of real estate, so we’ve put together a number of storage-management hacks below that will help you add more space to your bathrooms!

1. First up, here’s a way to keep your hair dryer out of sight while remaining easily accessible by using a cleverly placed magazine rack.

2. Here’s a time-efficient way to remove wrinkles from your clothing. Make sure you hang up your outfit in the bathroom while taking a steamy shower.

3. Coat hangers can actually make a stylish towel rack.

4. Why would anyone place a second shower rod on the inside of their shower? You’ll be surprised how handy it is.


5. A simple shelf over the bathroom door can make for a wonderous amount of storage space.

6. Use a plate rack to manage more space around your sink area.

7. Want to use your iphone to play music while you take a shower? Placing it in an empty (and DRY) sink will amplify the volume.

8. You don’t say…

9. If you want to read your favorite kindle book while enjoying a bubble bath, just place it in a ziploc bag in case it slips out of your soapy fingers.

10. Here’s how you can bring the heavy guns to attack stubborn soap scum.

With the proper power drill, a fitted scrub brush and cleaner, even the most encrusted bathtubs must submit to the power of cleanliness.

11. You can use a decorated magnetic board to organize your cosmetics and other magnetic essentials in a convenient way.

12. Placing drawers in cabinets allows easy accessibility to your storage areas under the sink.

13. Hanging multiple towel racks on the back of the bathroom door maximizes space for larger families.

14. Here’s another option for stackable storage containers.

15. Here’s a DIY for creating your own rustic bathroom shelving.

16. This Sauder Peppercorn Etagere (now that’s a mouthful) cabinet is perfect for making use of that extra space above the toilet. You can buy them on Amazon.

17. It’s easy and handy to make your own mason jar storage shelf.

18. Have access to some old wooden crates? Here’s a splendid DIY for turning them into instant rustic-style shelving.

19. These beautiful cabinet door storage bins can easily be yours by following this helpful DIY.