24 Inexpensive Kitchen Gadgets You Haven’t Realized You Need In Your Life

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There are kitchen items a person just has to have. With all the complicated tasks that go into food prep, cleanup, and storage, anything that helps make cheffing it up easier is a godsend. However, most of us only have so much to spend on such items. Well, here are some reasonably priced (and many are rather genius) items that can help reduce the kitchen heat, while improving pazzaz.

1. A silicone lid for pans that is microwave and freezer safe. Save a bundle on aluminum foil and plastic wrap!

2. These tong-scissors are amazing for chopping up what you need, right inside a bowl.

Add in the recipe book, and fact that it never needs sharpening, and who can argue with such a purchase?

3. Here’s a skewer that makes the most of your grill space.

4. Need to mix that random, chocolaty drink? This mug has you covered. Best part is, it gets the job done without spilled milk.


5. Make preparing a pineapple breezy easy with this core remover.

6. Get those cake servings proportionate every time with this cake divider. No more squabbling children claiming a slice size was “unfair.”

7. Because you need that morning coffee mug to give the warning you shouldn’t have to.

8. Here’s a silicone, microwavable popcorn popper that gives you the futuristic feel for your movie night. Pretty sure 10 cups of buttery, crunchy goodness will do the trick.

9. Do you have problems with drippage? We are talking about ice trays here.

Here’s an ice tray that will keep you spill and embarrassment free. It’s also helpful for keeping the ice clean and fresh tasting.

10. Seriously, it would have been nice to have one of these about 15 minutes ago! May have to buy a pair of my very own.

11. There is no citrus juicing job too big or small for this snazzy juicer.

12. I have to ask, how is it this is the first I’m hearing about condiment clip-ons? Brilliant!

13. Get tired of crunching on popcorn kernels right at the most intense parts of the movie? Here’s a popcorn bucket that will keep you in the moment.

14. A silicone colander is perfect for draining steamed vegetables, and then storing away discretely.

15. If C3PO and Hammy the Squirrel fell in love… Nutcrackers were never so shiney and cute as this one.

16. Want to feel like an even bigger boss when grilling for your friends?

Check out this multi tool that lets you do it all, without having to switch out or wash three different utensils.

17. Collapsible measuring cups also measure up as space savers.

18. This venus flytrap looking device is a Snapi single-handed server. Perfect for easily serving food at potlucks.

19. Apparently, Edward Scissor-hands and Freddy Kruger decided to team up and create a winner on the culinary market.

These five bladed scissors are perfect for getting through your herb dicing routine in record time.

20. Need a travel cup that can predict how you will feel when you sip that coffee?

This canister displays the temperature so you know if your drink needs to be reheated or not.

21. Cold brewed coffee (aka. Iced Toddy) is one of the miracles of the coffee world.

It is less acidic, and more concentrated so as to deliver a more powerful and yet smooth caffeine high. Now you can brew your own with convenience using this Cold Brew Coffee Infusion Bottle. Start your hot season mornings right!

22. Just when I thought grilled cheese couldn’t get any easier.

These toaster bags make grilled cheese a simple “toast and go” experience.

23. Face it. Cold tortillas just don’t do those breakfast tacos justice.

With this tortilla toaster, you can roll that goodness with pride.

24. Spin that salad like a champ with an easy cleaning salad spinner!

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