24 Super Simple (but Brilliant) Organization Hacks for a Tiny Kitchen

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Ever find yourself mid-stream into whipping up an amazing meal, but you can’t find half of the things you need to pull it off? Ever wonder how to transform your disorderly kitchen into a state of sanity? Here are 25 kitchen lifehacks to rescue the day. With dash of creative thinking, and a sprinkle of effort, you can double or triple the efficiency of your kitchen space. You can thank me later.

1. Here’s a crafty space-saving idea. Who came up with unopenable drawers anyway?

2. There are many ways to work with the insides of your cabinets. Plenty more below.

3. Measuring cups are easy to store on hooks.

4. A little chalk board paint and some hooks are handy for organization.

5. Pegboards and a little colorful paint can go a long way.

6. Magnetic knife blocks are handy. Keep out of reach of children and your ex.

7. Seriously, there are few limits to shelves with a little creativity.

8. Magnetic spice jars are a great way to enhance easy access flare for recipes.


9. Rolling shelves make for a swiss army knife style cabinet.

10. There’s extra space everywhere. Even walls often have a little extra room for innovation.


11. Look at all that space on the side of the cabinet!

12. Magnetic racks can be placed on the side of the fridge.

13. Hanging pots and pans can be great. Watch your head.

14. Higher-than-normal shelving adds a decorative touch while freeing up cabinet space.

15. Use hooks or lazy susans for storing pots and pans in the corner.

16. Need extra counter space? Use the cutting board over the sink.

17. Command hooks and baskets are key for using empty space under the sink.

18. Place storage inside your cabinets with command strips.

19. You can also place pot holders, and gloves on hooks inside cabinet doors.

20. How about a curtain rod for glass lids?

21. Shelves within shelves, within shelves… kind of like those russian dolls, really.

22. File away kitchen bakeware and cutting boards.

23. Kitchen carts are multi talented.

24. Narrow rolling carts are great for maneuverable storage.

Or you can just make these genius drawers. Find the details on Instructables.

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